What you can do to stop water pollution

Warwickshire Wildlife Trust has produced a useful 10 point plan  to help people prevent water pollution.

Remember in most new urban areas there are surface water sewers that drain to rivers or beaches.

There are over 30 million cars in the UK and keeping them clean can impact on water quality if they are washed over surface water sewers.

Oil is a really toxic pollutant. Even small quantities can cover a large area and because it takes ages to break down.

Litter is a serious pollution problem and there is much of it around. Rainwater usually washes litter off streets and pavements into rivers and beaches.

Use slug pellets very carefully and dispose of any garden chemicals at your local civic amenity site - never flush down the drain or toilet.

Dog waste is a real health hazard - pick it up and dispose of it properly otherwise it will wash into the nearest river or beach.

If you see water pollution, fly tipping or any other activity you think might cause pollution report it immediately on the free phone number 24/7.

Most of our water comes from rivers or the ground, the more we use the more it costs us and the environment to pump and treat.

The things we put down sewers sometimes cause blockage and then pollution which costs us money to sort out.

In some communities people mark surface water grids with yellow fish so we know it drains to a river or beach.

If you care about your environment and have time why not volunteer to help - it can make a real difference.

Your local environment needs your help please act responsibly and prevent pollution.