Marketing and publicity material

This section has a range of publicity and marketing material that is available for anyone to use to help them promote the ConnectRight campaign.  Please note that some of these items may take a little time to download because of the size of the file.

All content is available under the Open Government Licence v3.0 , except where otherwise stated.

There are some key facts  about the misconnection problem that will help with the production of any publicity and campaign material.

The ConnectRight brand is a unique design scheme composed of a number of core elements.  This design toolkit will guide you through creating communications using the ConnectRight brand.

 The ConnectRight logo is available in two forms

1) as a jpeg file  with the stop pollution strap line underneath

2) as an eps file without the strap line without the strap line and with the strap line

There are A6 postcards   on one pdf file with two images, one of a beach and one of a river plus another postcard of a woman in a bath. These include some key messages and contact details.

This A6 leaflet   is a pdf file with contact details of some of the main partners, key messages and can be folded into a pocket sized leaflet. There is aslo one available with the woman in a bath  image

High resolution pdf beach posters are available in two sizes A3  and A4 

High resolution pdf river posters are available in two sizes A3   and  A4

High resolution pdf woman in a bath posters are available in A3  and A4

High resolution loo on the beach picture and loo on a river picture and woman in a bath picture

House diagrams with green background  and white background

Roll up banners of river and beach pictures on a two page pdf, plus one with the woman in a bath  image

Art work and text has been developed to support Defra's Love Your River  campaign.  LYR campaign partners including the Environment Agency, water companies and third sector groups are free to use the material for community engagement, education and outreach programmes.

Save Water Save Money Ltd supports water companies in promoting water efficiency and responsible approaches to wastewater, for domestic and business customers throughout the country.  Since 2010, more than 2 million devices have been distributed to British householders, saving the country an estimated 24 billion litres of water.  is the UK’s largest online retailer of WRAS approved and water efficient products. In addition, they provide a range of marketing and consultancy services, including a number of partnership marketing opportunities such as with the ConnectRight campaign. 2 Midcroft, Ruislip, HA4 8ES  0845 371 0728