Plumbing and drainage misconnections pollute rivers and beaches throughout the UK

ConnectRight is the public face of the National Misconnections Strategy Group.  It’s a partnership of organisations who are working to reduce water pollution from drains and sewers. 

Misconnected drains can pollute local streams, rivers and beaches, damage wildlife and put our health at risk. We work to reduce the number of misconnected properties in the UK and address other types of pollution from sewers and drains.

The ConnectRight Group is made up of representatives from a number of industry stakeholders including the Waste Water Companies throughout the UK and various Environmental agencies and partners. Click here to see all our members.

Check your property is connected right. If wastewater or sewage is connected to a surface water drain you may be polluting your local river or beach.

The diagram below shows wastewater pipes that run into a surface water drain. This is a misconnection.

To river or beach

Pollution in our rivers harms wildlife

Polluted water runs into our water environment

The diagram below shows that wastewater and rain water are separated. This is connected right.

To river or beach

To sewage treatment works

Rain water runs into the rivers and helps the environment

Wastewater runs to the sewage treatment works for cleaning

As a property owner you're responsible for fixing a misconnection. Contact your water company , local authority or a WaterSafe plumber.

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The ConnectRight campaign aims to:

Prevent misconnections and raise awareness about drainage and water pollution amongst property owners, the public and professionals.  It brings together partners who are working to reduce water pollution - environmental regulators, water companies, local authorities and other professional and interested organisations.  Read the latest news below.